F-35 Future with Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

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F-35C in Blue Angels ColorsThe history of the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels began in the summer of 1946. Chester Nimitz ordered a demo team to be organized so that following WWII there would be a continued public interest in naval aviation and a more opened recruiting base. The first plane the blue angels flew was the prop-driven Grumman F6F Hellcat. Since then the Blues have flown more than a half dozen other aircraft that at in their time were on the cutting edge of Naval Aviation. The F-35C would be next in line to replace the F/A-18 Hornets flown today. The Navy will no doubt look to showcase their newest and best to the public to inspire a new generation of pilots. We have already seen the United States Air Force form a F-22 demonstration team but since the F-35A in Thunderbird Colorscancelled production of the Raptor it is unlikely that the Thunder Birds, the Air Force’s official demo squadron, will receive any F-22’s due to the scarcity and increased demand for those planes already made or under construction. This would mean that both the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels would fly the F-35A and F-35C respectively. Not since both squadrons flew the F-4 have we seen them fly the same family of aircraft. At the same time, not since the F-4 program has the military had such an extensive fighter program to service all branches of the armed forces, as is happening now with nearly 2,500 F-35s scheduled to enter American Service.

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